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International Merchandise Trade Statistics

On this page you can find all publications on trade data from the Ghana Statistical Service. 

For a deeper dive into the trade data, consider visiting the StatsBank, request access to the microdata (through the data request page, dataset download, on this website), or file a data request (through the data request page, data request form, on this website or by email to
Hereby a short guide on what to find on this page:

1.    Technical Manual
Here you can find the most recent version of Ghana’s International Merchandise Trade Statistics Technical Manual, as well as the previous versions. This manual explains the data compilation process in detail, and should therefore be used as a guide to fully understand the data.

2.    Trade Report 2023
Here you can find the 2023 mid-year trade report. Soon the full 2023 report can also be found here!

3.    Trade Report 2022
Here you can find the 2022 trade report.

4.    Historical Trade Data
Here you can find two reports on historical data. It includes totals figures for 2014-2018, as well as data for 1971-2018 split up by commodities.