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African Statistics Day 2022

African Statistics Day 2022 (Launch of DataScience RoadMap) Photo Gallery
Data science has the potential to improve, streamline, and automate the production of currently-released statistics as well as serve as an enabler in the creation of new statistics. In aworld of growing demand for real- or near real-time data among modern data users, statistical organisations have to modernize to satisfy the demand of these users. Furthermore, the ability to produce data for certain indicators, i.e., humanitarian related indicators, resides in new data sources which require modern data science techniques. Development of data science within the organisation is, therefore, imperative for the Service to release relevant and desired statistics. Data science will oversee the implementation of projects making use of a variety of different data sources and data science techniques, including analysis of large, smaller, unstructured datasets from other
MMDAs, through interactive visualizations to improve the dissemination of GSS data and automation to improve the productivity of the operations of the National Statistical System(NSS). Download document